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Savičević Olja

OLJA SAVIČEVIĆ is one of the best Croatian contemporary authors and a representative of the so called ‘lost generation’. Politically and socially engaged, Olja’s work has been included in a number of Croatian anthologies and international selections,. Her writing has been translated into German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, French, English, Slovak, Macedonian, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Albanian and the Zulu language. Her short stories collection To Make a Dog Laugh won the prize for best author under thirty-five awarded jointly by Vijenac. Her collection of poems Mamasafari and Other Things was short-listed for the 'Kiklop Award for Best Collection of 2012', awarded annually by the Pula Book Fair. Her best-selling novel, Farewell, Cowboy, achieved great success in the region, and was adapted into a stage play. The book was translated into English by Celia Hawkesworth and published by Istros Books in April 2015. Savičević also writes for children and for the theatre.