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Daoud Sarhandi

Daoud Sarhandi is an award-winning British film editor and sound designer. He is also a director of photography, producer and director/writer. During the 1980s and 90s, he worked in London with influential British documentary filmmakers: most notably the legendary documentary producer Paul Watson. The majority of the films he cut during this period were for the BBC and Channel Four Television. In 2004, in Mexico, he started an ongoing collaboration with the filmmaker Carolina Rivas. Together--under the banner of their production company Creadores Contemporáneos--they have produced three low-budget feature-length films: The Colour of Olives (2006), Lessons for Zafirah (2011) and 1 for 1 (2013). All three films have enjoyed considerable international success, winning a total of 15 prizes in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, Belgium, Spain and France. Videovalores (2015 to present)--Rivas and Sarhandi's short film project dealing with universal values--has so far produced more than 50 free-form films in Barcelona and Berlin; all of them are co-produced and edited by Sarhandi. He is currently writing his second book: ABC of Film & Video Editing; it will be published in 2021.